Windows Home Server Duplicate File Finder v1.3 release

We have today released v1.3.4026.39950 of our Duplicate File Finder Add-In for WHS.

This release addresses the following:

  • Improved speed fetching files
  • Maximum DB size error
  • Handling of files with a creation date of earlier than year 1753
  • The ability to export the result to a CSV file

Please download from our download page. Let us know at if there are any issues.

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2 Responses to Windows Home Server Duplicate File Finder v1.3 release

  1. Mike J says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the csv export is a great feature. When there are a lot of duplicates in a search it is often easier to view the results in excel and then delete directly rather than via duplicate finder.

  2. patrick rose says:

    Just purchased the licensed version latest release as of 05/11/11. Great little program. Is there a way of singly selecting a subfolder of a share to scan only that directory? Something along the lines of the program of noclone. (also the feature of fust marking one from all the duplicates..) Thanks for your efforts to make life easier for the people using whs.

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